Sunday, March 15, 2015


     Just a few more larger than life snap shots from my visit to Toontown. As a child who fell in love with "Who Framed Rodger Rabbit," I can still remember the first time I ever visited Toontown when it was brand new and freshly built! Seeing the homes of all my favorite cartoons helped make their characters feel more real and alive than I already had imagined them to be! You have to know I still swoon when I happen to see Rodger Rabbit while in Disneyland! 

Still one of my all time favorite rides at Disneyland! A huge part of why I love Rodger Rabbit is because he is so hilariously funny and all the cartoons are obsessed with his humor and not necessary the fact that he is also a funny looking rabbit! 

Sadly, "It's A Small World" was closed during my visit to
the Magic Kingdom but I am excited to see the improvements
 on my next visit!

     Thank you for following along on this virtual Disney vacation with me! I promise more color and fun is on it's way!


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